Much of the jewelry I design and create stems from things that I consider precious and have been enamored with since childhood. Letter writing (and receiving!), typography, bunnies, miniatures, collections, charms and the beauty of nature are just a few!

A lifelong letter writer, I find inspiration in beautiful penmanship, hand-writing letters and the enjoy I feel in receiving a personal piece of snail mail.

Looking for a special way to show my appreciation for a close friend, I made a hand-formed envelope necklace, personalized on the back with a message just for her. (This friend gave me the nickname "Looka" which went on to become my business name). This special necklace was the first of hundreds I have created over the years. By adding custom stamping to the back of the envelopes, I've helped others commemorate special days, share their sweetest thoughts (or secret messages!) with those dear to them. Whether for a family member, friend, or soul mate, I delight in the idea of creating a piece of jewelry that can celebrate the love and bond between two people. My hope is to create jewelry that is fun and simple to wear, but also a unique piece of art to be treasured for years to come.

Born into a family that embraces the arts and crafts--from knitting sweaters to designing and building homes-- I grew up around tools and from an early age was taught that there was nothing that could not be built or fixed by hand. I went on to study art at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where I discovered my love of working in metal, and the world of small objects and jewelry.

Today, I use miniature versions of the tools I grew up around to pierce, drill, heat, bend, and form the metal into wearable works of art. My favorite tools, my tiny drill bits and a jeweler's saw frame (with blades as thin as a strand of human hair!), help me to create detailed pierced images. Tiny alphabet and number stamps (many designed specifically for my jewelry) are used to personalize each piece. Working in sterling and fine silver, gold, rose gold, copper, and brass, each metal brings its own color to the piece. My jewelry often incorporates two or more metals within one piece for a mixed metal look.

Looka Jewelry is created entirely by hand from my studio in Easthampton where I reside with my super-supportive boyfriend, three cats and bunny muse, Lenny Rabbitz.